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Investment Firearms International

There appears to be a dearth of high quality antique firearms available in Australia. It’s OK if you’re only looking for a dirty old miner’s pistol or a flintlock-to-percussion and back-to-flintlock conversion but you’d be hard-pressed to find anything of the quality firearms on this website. Perhaps one reason why high quality and particularly high-art firearms are so hard to come by is because they are incredibly expensive by the time you get them to Australia (see inset). It’s not all bad news though, pre-1900 antique action muzzle-loading firearms do not need licensing in Australia. Check your state firearms regulations for storage, registration and any transfer requirements. Keep your eye on this site - we are adding firearms all the time.
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investment Firearms International
   Some of our pistols come with original cases and accessories, some with cases made slightly later    and some in re-furbished antique cases. I intend to make cases for all my pistols because I think    they deserve it!