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Michael Barnett is a casino consultant, he lives in Perth, Western
I have been passionate about guns for over sixty years, my first gun  had “
 on the
barrel. My second gun was a
 has allowed me acquire some absolutely stunning firearms. Much as I love all
my guns, they are all for sale. Running my hobby as a business is the only way I can get
away with hanging on to a few.
I am primarily a collector of high-art or unusual firearms. Our firearms are admittedly obscenely expensive but that is because most of our guns are unique in their own way.  I seek out the best of the best for my collection and pay whatever I have to pay to get them to Australia. I love every gun in my collection but financial reality dictates that if I am to continue to acquire new guns, something has to go. I get as much enjoyment finding that special gun or guns and then researching their provenance as I do out of owning them. I have a very extensive library of research material, some of my books are extremely rare and valuable, I have some of the rarest and most comprehensive books ever printed. MANUFACTURE D'ARMES DE VERSAILLES et NICOLAS BOUTET will set you back a couple of grand if you can find it but it is the best source available on obscure facts regarding the guns of Nicolas-Noel Boutet. The two volumes of LE QUI EST QUI DE L'ARME EN France provide another very valuable source of information on European guns, they are hard going because I don't speak French but the reward for effort with regard to finding out who made a particular gun makes the effort worthwhile. It is very rewarding to hold a gun in your hand and then find a picture and description of it in a sixty-year-old book, particularly after international experts have been unable to determine provenance.