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Until very recently it was thought these guns were made by an unknown and unrecorded gun-maker by the name of Bullard. I purchased these pistols thinking that that was all I would ever know about these stunning little pistols. My first clue to finding out about the maker was an entry and photograph in Howard Blackmore’s Gunmakers of London Supplement 1350-1850 ( at right and below). Mr. Blackmore suggested this gun was made by David Gass. Thanks to the late John S Cooper we now know that these two guns along with the Gass and two very similar percussion action guns marked “FARROW”(here) were made by a specialist firm in Birmingham. They carry Birmingham proof marks. They were supplied and possibly finished to order to retailers in London. In an article written for the Spring 2007 issue of London Park Lane Arms Fair, John Cooper, comparing these pistols to the work of Durs Egg writes:- ”David Gass’s little pistol was not an unworthy competitor. It was even smaller and more easily carried in a pocket, and with the turn off barrel loaded with a tight little ball from the breach, probably shot more effectively than the muzzle loading Egg pistol. As to the quality of workmanship, the Birmingham made gun would find as many admirers as the “baby Egg”.                                                                                          Further digging turned up one more of these tiny, beautiful little                                                                                              flintlocks in the  Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky (left).