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This pistol was made for Ernest Augustus I (15th June 1771 -18th November 1851), the fifth son and eighth child of George III, born in England and created Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale in 1799. He became King of Hannover when his niece Victoria became Queen of the United Kingdom in 1837.

A pistol for the King

This superlative pistol was made for Ernest Augustus I - Duke of Cumberland & Teviotdale, later to become the King of Hannover. With 10 inch blued sighted round barrel, the top flat with maker’s stamp, two platinum lines at the breech and platinum touch hole, finely engraved tang, bevel edged signed and finely engraved lock with French cock, roller frizzen and safety bolt.

Tatham and Egg

Henry Tatham [senior], fourth son of Ralph Tatham and Elizabeth Bloxham, was born 31 Dec 1770, at 61, Frith Street, St. Anne's, Westminster, otherwise known as Frith Street, Soho. On his first marriage in 1798, he was described as Sword Cutler to the King. He appears in 1808 as "Tatham and Egg, Gun-Makers and Sword-Cutlers to His Majesty, 37, Charing Cross;" and at the same address in 1817- 1822 directories, as "Henry Tatham, Gun- Maker and Sword-Cutler."

Sold by Sotheby’s in 2005

This pistol was part of one the most

historical and important auctions ever

conducted by Sotheby’s - WORKS OF ART


conducted at Schloss Marienburg 5th

October - 15th October 2005.

This auction raised the largest amount in

Sotheby’s history of 41.7 million Euros.

This pistol was Lot 880 and was described thus:- A flintlock officer’s pistol made for Ernst August, Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale, later King of Hannover.
Highly figured walnut full stock, engraved iron mounts including long spurred butt cap. Large trigger guard with pineapple finial and floral decorative wrist plaque, silver barrel bolt escutcheons and silver wrist escutcheon with the Royal crest of the Duke of Cumberland including the motto  “Honi soit qui mal y pense”. Original iron tipped ramrod with capped screw. In very fine condition.

No 37 Charring Cross

Not a liked man 

Sadly, Ernest August was not a liked man,

possibly because he came by the title of King

of Hannover by default; Salic Law prevented

Queen Victoria from becoming the King of

Hannover because she was female.

Gaming tokens known as “Cumberland Jacks”

were made to commemorate the Duke

leaving for Hannover but such was his

popularity that some of these tokens bore

the head of a monkey as the mounted rider.

The catalogue for this auction was incredibly

extravagant and has become a collector item

in its own right. We have the original boxed set of three catalogues consisting of: - Volume 1 The history of The House of Hannover and the highlights of the auction. Volumes 2 & 3 The illustrated Handbook & index.
Original letter from Sotheby’s to its clients outlining the auction. A marketing pamphlet entitled  “Schloss Marienberg”.
Above is an Ein (one) Thaler coin
from the
German States Hannover bearing a likeness of Ernst August dated 1841.
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